Monetary policy balancing act: Brazil, Chile, Hungary, and Turkey

Date: 13 Dec 2022

Time: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

Four countries - Brazil, Chile, Hungary, and Turkey - exhibit the full range of dilemmas faced by central banks in emerging markets are currently facing. How will these countries navigate their monetary policy challenges going into 2023?

Why did Hungary's National Bank need to hike its rates when they said they wouldn't? Will Chile's National Bank be forced to do the same? Given Brazil's monetary tightening and strong BOP position, is there still a scenario where their central bank has to tighten further? Is fx liquidity in Turkey being bolstered enough by tourism and “errors and omissions” to make its monetary policy stance sustainable?

Watch the replay of our Webinar featuring GlobalSource Partners' Analysts Affonso Pastore (Brazil), Igal Magendzo (Chile),Istvan Racz (Hungary), and Murat Ucer (Turkey) discussing these issues in an event moderated by David Lubin, managing director and head of emerging markets economics at Citi.

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