In emerging markets, things aren’t always what they seem — or what consensus suggests. Savvy investors and business leaders trust GlobalSource Partners to get the real story before making major decisions.

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Double down or pull back? An investment thesis is only as strong as the accuracy of the underlying assumptions. Access the most trusted in-country analysts and get the insights to make the right move.
Budgeting and FOREX decisions in emerging markets require a deeper understanding of economic policies and their impact to mitigate risk — and capitalize on opportunities.
All the numbers add up — until they don’t. Changes in tax policy, interest rates and exchange rates can turn a great investment into a terrible one. In countries with higher volatility and lower transparency, macroeconomic due diligence is critical.
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Above the noise. Our analysts are trusted economists, former finance ministers and central bank heads, and the go-to authorities in their countries. Our clients recognize us as "brilliant thinkers and writers, with the relationships and knowledge to go beyond consensus." We provide candid, unbiased, unfiltered insights that contribute to better investment and business decisions.

Country Insights

DR Central Bank reduces the monetary policy rate
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 31 May 2023

Today the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD) decided to reduce the monetary policy interest rate  by 50 basis points, from 8.50% to 8.00% per year. This means that th...

A complicated political panorama for the elections
ECUADOR - In Brief 31 May 2023

The schedule for the elections of next August is putting pressure on all political organizations to define their alliances and candidates, who should be registered at the Electo...

The economy adapts to new arrangements and recovers gradually
RUSSIA ECONOMICS - In Brief 31 May 2023

Rosstat released monthly economic statistics for April, which looks not too bad. Industrial output grew in April by 5.2% y-o-y, which brought the 4M23 growth to positive territo...

Economic activity slows visibly in Q1
TURKEY - Report 31 May 2023

The Turkish economy expanded by a faster than expected 4% on an annual basis (2022Q4: 3.5%), but by a meager 0.3% over the previous quarter, down from 0.9% in Q4 of last year (G...

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