GlobalSource Partners Country Analyst
Murillo de Aragão, Brazil Politics
Founder, Political Consultancy Arko Advice

GlobalSource Partners’ Brazil Country Analyst Murillo de Aragao is Brazil’s leading political analyst. He is deeply respected and sought after for his knowledge and understanding of Brazil’s regulatory, legislative and executive dynamics. In addition to his consulting work, he writes extensively on Brazil’s congressional workings as well as on comparative political systems and frequently contributes to the national press.

Based in Brasilia, Dr. Aragao is also President and Founder of Arko Advice, Brazil’s premier public policy and political consulting firm. The firm, founded in 1982, specializes in public affairs consultancy, political scenario analysis, public policy analysis, institutional strategic advice, strategic communications, regulatory and congressional monitoring and government relations advice.

Dr. Aragao previously served as special advisor to the Ministry of Planning of Brazil. He was a fellow at the Social Science Research Council in New York and served on the board of the London-based International Federation of the Periodical Press. He has taught political science at the Universidade de Brasília and at the Buenos Aires-based Universidad Austral.Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded him the Ordem do Rio Branco (Comendador). He is currently a member of the advisory boards of Instituto Ayrton Senna, Comgás and Embratel Participações.

Dr. Aragão holds a B.A from the Faculdade de Direito do Distrito Federal, and an M.A. in political science and Ph.D. in sociology from the Universidade de Brasília. Dr. Aragao is the author of the book Grupos de Pressão no Congresso Nacional, publisher/organizer of the Perfil Parlamentar Brasileiro, and co-author of the book Engaging Countries. He is a regular columnist for the monthly magazine Revista Imprensa and is co-editor of the magazine Política Comparada.