GlobalSource Partners Country Analyst
Tamara Herrera, Venezuela
Former Advisor, Banking Industry Association

GlobalSource Partners’ Venezuela Country Analyst Tamara Herrera is President of Síntesis Financiera, the Caracas-based economic consulting firm she co-founded, along with Ruth Krivoy.

Ms. Herrera was Head of Research at Sociedad Financiera Unión where she created its Center for Information and Analysis. She also served as an advisor to the Venezuelan Banking Association. She is a member of the Economic and Financial Committee of the Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Fedecámaras) and of the Economic Committee of the Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Herrera was director and host of the television local program Economics Up to Date and she is a frequent guest on economic and financial news programs and prestigious local talk shows.

Ms. Herrera received her bachelor’s degree in economics from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.