GlobalSource Partners Country Analyst
Radhika Pandey, India
Senior Fellow, National Institute for Public Finance and Policy

GlobalSource Partners’ India Country Analyst Radhika Pandey is one of the country’s leading economists. A specialist in business cycles, capital movement and capital controls, and financial sector regulation, she has served as an advisor to central, state and local governments in her work at the National Institute for Public Finance and Policy, India’s premier think tank for public policy.

Dr. Pandey is also a Senior Fellow at the National Institute for Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP). She was part of the research team for the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission, the key legislative commission responsible for reviewing and re-writing the financial legal framework for the country. This included formulating a draft financial code addressing, among other issues, consumer protection, the resolution of financial failures, capital controls and monetary policy, and stressing independence and accountability for the country’s regulatory bodies. She was co-coordinator for the Ministry of Finance Task-Force on Public Debt Management, and was also part of the research team for the Working Group on Foreign Investments. Currently, Dr. Pandey is part of the technical research secretariat on virtual currencies and is conducting research for the NIPFP Financial Steering Committee on fintech-related issues.

In addition to teaching at the National Law University in Jodhpur, Dr. Pandey has written several articles and working papers on subjects such as consumption in Indian households, the evaluation of India’s inflation targeting framework, and the evolution of capital controls on foreign institutional investment in India. She has done pioneering work in business cycle measurement in India to track India’s growth in real time.

An influential and well-respected media spokesperson, Dr. Pandey has written articles for ThePrint, Business Standard, and Bloomberg Quint. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.