GlobalSource Partners Country Analyst
Kingsley Moghalu, Nigeria
Former Deputy Governor, Central Bank

GlobalSource Partners’ Nigeria Country Analyst Dr. Kingsley Moghalu is one of the country's premier economists. In a career spanning public and private service, he has served at the highest institutional levels, formulating policy and collaborating on macroeconomic and social issues, particularly in Nigeria. He served as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and later ran for president.

Dr. Moghalu is also the Chief Strategist of Sogato Strategies, a risk and investment advisory firm that focuses on Nigeria. He is the President of the Institute for Governance and Economic Transformation (IGET), a public policy think tank supporting African nations and focused on inclusive growth. He has held several leadership positions in the United Nations, most recently as a high-level independent authority on Africa’s Post-Covid-19 development, reviewing the fiscal stress impact of the Covid-19 global crisis on African countries and making policy recommendations for those countries.

He is a member of the Advisory Council of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF), a London-based independent think tank of global asset management firms, central banks, and sovereign wealth and pension funds. Dr. Moghalu is also a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Council on Emerging Market Enterprises (CEME) at The Fletcher School at Tufts University in Massachusetts, where he was Professor of Practice in International Business and Public Policy.

Dr. Moghalu has written several books, including Emerging Africa: How the Global Economy’s “Last Frontier” Can Prosper and Matter. In addition to frequent keynote speeches at major institutions including Central Banks around the world, his expertise is frequently sought by global media organizations including CNN TV, BBC World TV, and Bloomberg TV.