GlobalSource Partners Country Analyst
Justin Alexander, Gulf Countries
Former Economic Advisor, Qatar Finance Ministry

GlobalSource Partners' GCC Country Analyst Justin Alexander is widely known for his deep knowledge of the region’s macro economy and political dynamics. He is also the Director of Khalij Economics and Chief Economist at MENA Advisors. He has been engaged in the Middle East as an economist and political analyst since the late 1990s, including a decade living in the region. In addition to his focus on Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and Iraq, he is a specialist in the hydrocarbons sector and in political conflicts in the region.

He served as an economic advisor at Qatar's Ministry of Finance and before that as a senior economist at Qatar National Bank. His previous roles also include Middle East economist at the EIU, Constitutional Affairs Officer at the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq and equity analyst at Schroders in London.

He holds degrees from Oxford University (Balliol College) and the University of London (Birkbeck College).