GlobalSource Partners Country Analyst
Evgeny Gavrilenkov, Russia Economics
Former Investment Bank Chief Economist

GlobalSource Partners’ Russia Country Analyst Evgeny Gavrilenkov is one of the leading authorities on the Russian economy and the country’s economic transformation. In a career spanning government analytics, academia, and private sector economic analysis, he has consistently ranked among the top economists explaining, analyzing and forecasting the Russian economy.

Dr. Gavrilenkov is also a founder of GKEM Analytica, a research firm focused on macroeconomics and financial markets. He was the chief economist at a major investment bank, where he was consistently ranked in industry surveys as Russia’s top economist. While there, he was also chief economist for FSU countries including Kazakhstan. Prior to that, he worked at the World Bank Bureau of Economic Analysis Project, serving as Deputy Director General and Acting Director General. At the same time, he worked at the Carnegie Center, where he was a scholar-in-residence, and served as Dean of the Institute of Macroeconomic Research and Forecasting at a major university.

He began his career at the government think tank Center for Economic Analysis, where he rose to Acting Director, and was a Head of Department at the main computer center at the Center of Economic Analysis, where he worked on macroeconomic modeling with a focus on interstate trade. He has written numerous papers on issues relating to Russia’s economic opening and growth; its finance, trade, market and energy industry institutions; and on the creation of norms toward credible monetary and fiscal policies in Russia.

Dr. Gavrilenkov has served as a guest professor at Hitotsubashi University in Japan and as a visiting researcher at the government of Japan’s Economic Research Institute. He has also been a guest researcher at the Bank of Finland, a visiting professor at the Sorbonne Pantheon University in Paris, and a visiting researcher at the International Monetary Fund. He holds a degree in mathematics and a Ph.D. in economics from the Moscow Aviation Institute.