GlobalSource Partners Country Analyst
Cristiano Noronha, Brazil Politics
Partner, Political Consultancy Arko Advice

GlobalSource Partners’ Brazil Country Analyst Cristiano Noronha is also a partner and chief of the Political Analysis department at Arko Advice, the premier public policy and political consulting firm in Brazil. He is an authority on regulatory and congressional affairs, as well as current executive and judicial affairs. He is sought after for his sound strategic advice on government relations for multinational corporations and other institutions doing business in Brazil. He has published numerous articles in Latin American Policy magazine, including an analysis of the interplay between congress and the executive during the first years of President Dilma’s administration.

Mr. Noronha holds a B.S. in business administration and an M.A. in political acience from Universidade de Brasília (UnB). He has also done post-graduate work in public administration.In addition to his writing and consulting, he was a professor at União Pioneira de Integração Social and now lectures at UnB.