Iraj Abedian
Former Member, President’s Panel of Economic Advisors


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Election Monitor VI: SA launches its 7th Administration; Ramaphosa’s second term is a new chapter in a rapidly shifting political structure
SOUTH AFRICA · Report · 01 Jul 2024

After weeks of socio-political anxiety and following intense political horse trading, President Ramaphosa unveiled the composition of his 2nd Cabinet Ministers. Unlike his first term, his party could not secure sufficient voter support to govern alone. Instead, the ANC decided to invite a wide ra...

Election Monitor V: The national elections - The birth pangs and excitement of a “True Democratic Election” process
SOUTH AFRICA · Report · 17 Jun 2024

On June 14, South Africa witnessed the excitement, the anxieties and the uncertainties inherent in a national election in which the results have no outright winner. For thirty years, the national elections were fair and transparent, yet the results were largely predictable, and the inauguration o...

Webinar Replay - South Africa’s 2024 Post-Elections Review: Expectations vs Outcome
SOUTH AFRICA · Report · 14 Jun 2024

Visit our calendar page to watch the replay of our webinar on the results of South Africa's elections and their key policy implications. What will South Africa's near-term governance trajectory look like and will the public sector's ability to deliver be restored? What is the outlook for economic...

Slide Presentation: South Africa’s 2024 Post-Elections Review - Expectations vs Outcome
SOUTH AFRICA · Report · 12 Jun 2024

Understand the results of South Africa's elections and their key policy implications with the slide presentation from our webinar, "South Africa’s 2024 Post-Elections Review - Expectations vs Outcome".

South Africa’s current account turns favorable as terms of trade improve in Q1 2024
SOUTH AFRICA · Report · 07 Jun 2024

The latest current account data released by the South African Reserve Bank shows that, during the first quarter of 2024, while South Africa’s current account continued its trend of consecutive deficits since Q2 2022, the deficit was noticeably smaller than that of the preceding quarter. The defic...

Echoing the uncertain election mood, the South African economy shrinks in the first quarter of 2024
SOUTH AFRICA · Report · 05 Jun 2024

Real quarterly GDP contracted by 0.1% in the first quarter of 2024. This was following an expansion of 0.3% q/q during the fourth quarter of 2023 and a contraction of 0.4% q/q in the third quarter of 2023. This latest GDP print showcases that the South African economy indeed started 2024 on an an...

The South African Reserve Bank keeps interest rates steady following the nation’s general elections
SOUTH AFRICA · Report · 30 May 2024

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has once again announced that it is keeping the benchmark interest rate unchanged, the sixth consecutive time it has done so. This was following this week’s conclusion of its Monetary Policy Committee’s (MPC) third meeting of the year, which also came a day a...

Election Monitor IV: Optimistic politicians and unpredictable voters
SOUTH AFRICA · Report · 21 May 2024

In less than 10 days, on May 29, the SA voters will have their day to express their preferences and put an end to the current cacophony of political noise, baseless promises and over-optimistic expectations of many political leaders. Recently, the country’s top court, the Constitutional Court ...

The South African economy in a precarious state pre-elections
SOUTH AFRICA · Forecast · 15 May 2024

• South African growth: The South African economy’s slowdown continued in 2023 from 2021’s robust recovery – economic expansion in 2023 was just under a third of the growth rate registered in the preceding year. Although it had moderated by the end of the year, load-shedding reached its peak in 2...

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