The government's new battle and other weekly topics

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 10 Jun 2024 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

Senator Jaques Wagner (PT-BA), the rapporteur for payroll tax relief, may submit his report. He may incorporate MP No. 1.227/24 on PIS/Cofins into his text. Pressure from legislators and industry against the measure continues. The House is expected to vote on the Mover bill and the taxation of imports. The Supreme Federal Court (STF) resumes the trial on the FGTS correction. President Lula participates in the G7 meeting on Friday, June 14, in Italy.

This week's Talking Points:

* Government support reaches its lowest level in May.

 * The taxation of international purchases: wins and losses for the government.

 * The government's new battle.

* Will the GDP result affect President Lula's popularity?

 * The challenges of the new Joint Budget Committee.

* Tarcísio's relationship with Bolsonarismo.

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