Chinese President in Moscow

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 21 Mar 2023 by Alex Teddy

On March 20 President Xi visited Putin. Russia is very glad to receive him. Xi said his visit is about ''friendship, cooperation and peace.'' Xi published an article in a Russian newspaper saying, ''I look forward to working with Putin to jointly adopt a new vision.'' China claims to be neutral in the conflict. However, Western countries believe that China is helping Russia by selling assault rifles. Nonetheless, Beijing wants to be an honest broker in peace talks between Ukraine and Russia. Putin said he appreciates the Chinese offer of facilitating talks. He said that Sino-Russian relations are at their zenith.  China says it wants an impartial settlement of the conflict. The US said that China's attitude seems to blame Ukraine for being invaded. The US has rebuffed calls for a ceasefire.  On March 19 Ukraine said it will only offer parley with Russia if Russia completely and unconditionally withdraws from Ukraine. Nonetheless, Ukraine said it was willing to speak to the Chinese. On March 20 China said that the International Criminal Court should not be ''politicized'' and be guilty of a ''double standard'' and not violate the immunity of heads of state. This was in response to the ICC's arrest warrant for Putin.

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