Dangerous liaisons, dripping reserves

TURKEY - Report 19 Mar 2023 by Murat Ucer and Atilla Yesilada

With Kilicdaroglu widening his lead in the polls, and his Nation Alliance having started inching up in the parliamentary race, Turkey’s timid pro-opposition pundits are now openly voicing the threat of Erdogan stealing the election. The first essay by the politics author addresses this question, explaining why it is so tough to cheat in the ballot, while the Army and the Judiciary have few reasons to aid Erdogan in getting away with it.

The second essay reviews Erdogan’s two new allies, the misogynist New Welfare Party and violently pro-Sharia Kurdish HUDA-PAR. The author argues that New Welfare may very marginally aid the Republican Alliance, while HUDA-PAR is a mistake Erdogan will come to regret.

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