Disunity in the UniTeam

PHILIPPINES - Report 12 Feb 2024 by Diwa Guinigundo and Wilhelmina Manalac

The Marcos Jr.-Sara Duterte alliance seemed fragile from the very beginning, but the fragility of the alliance is now made more apparent in at least two major developments recently. The first is the ICC (International Criminal Court) investigation of ex-President Rodrigo Duterte. In this, both Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte seem to hold aces in their sleeve. Marcos appointed the current commissioners of COMELEC that will decide on the integrity of the May 2022 presidential election. It is also up to the sitting president whether the government will cooperate with the ICC in the prosecution of the Dutertes. On the other hand, the former president appointed most of the justices of the Supreme Court who will rule on the current petition to compel the preservation of data transmitted on the evening of May 9 presidential and local elections. Telecommunications companies could also be compelled to deliver faithful copies of the data transmission during the May elections.

The second development that underscores the fragility of the alliance is the issue of the Philippine Charter change.

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