Indian Prime Minister visits Moscow

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 09 Jul 2024 by Alex Teddy

On July 8 Narendra Modi met Putin. This is Modi's first visit to Russia since the Ukraine War began. He said he is there to discuss building peace in Russia's region. Russia is delighted to host the leader of the world's most populous nation. It proves that Russia is far from isolated. India has had a good relationship with Moscow since the early days of the Cold War. India was a major customer for Russian weapons. However, since 2022 Russia has had very little available for export. In the UN, India abstained on motions about the Ukraine War. India has been able to buy Russian oil below market price because of this. India is worried about Russia becoming too close to China, which has a bad relationship with India. Russia is alleged to have attacked a children's hospital in Ukraine on July 8. There has been a lot of international condemnation. India has not joined in with this. Several Indian men were duped into going to Russia for support jobs with the Russian Army. They found themselves coerced into fighting in Ukraine. India has failed to secure their release for several months.

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