Pacheco invalidated sections of the PIS/Cofins MP, the CCJ may vote on the bill that allows casinos to operate in the country, and the STF resumes adjudication of the FGTS case

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 12 Jun 2024 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

The President of Congress, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), announced yesterday the invalidation of sections of Provisional Measure (MP) 1227/24, which addresses the PIS/Cofins taxes. The invalidated sections are at the core of the provisional measure. Today, the Senate Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) may vote on a bill that authorizes and regulates the operation of casinos and bingo halls, in addition to legalizing the Brazilian gambling game, "jogo do bicho", and horse race betting (PL No. 2.234/22). Also today, the Supreme Federal Court (STF) resumes the trial of a case concerning the correction of the Guarantee Fund for Length of Service (FGTS). So far, three justices have voted to ensure that the total FGTS remuneration is at least equal to that of savings accounts.

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