Pithy data commentary-November 17, 2023

CAUCASUS / CENTRAL ASIA - Report 20 Nov 2023 by Ivan Tchakarov

We comment on the key data and news events in the Caucasus and Central Asia:

Armenia: Oct inflation is still around zero, but set to accelerate in the coming months
Armenia: Yield curve normalizes after becoming inverted in late Oct on risks of another Azerbaijan invasion
Armenia: Remittances come off the Aug bounce in Sep
Armenia: US Senate passes Armenian Protection Act of 2023
Armenia: Nikol Pashinyan to miss CSTO summit in Belarus on Nov 23rd
Azerbaijan: Inflation declines to 3.9 percent YoY in Oct
Azerbaijan: The Central Bank of Azerbaijan cuts the policy rate by 50 bps to 8.5 percent
Azerbaijan: US appoints new ambassador to Azerbaijan in a larger move to strengthen influence in the South Caucasus
Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan has handed over the 5th amended version of the "peace" agreement to Armenia
Georgia: Georgia gets a conditional Yes from the European Commission in its bid to earn EU candidate status
Georgia: Latest polls show Georgian Dream leads comfortably in the runup to the 2024 Parliamentary Elections
Georgia: Inflation prints at 0.8 percent YoY in Oct
Georgia: Remittances stabilize at a high level in Oct
Georgia: Trade deficit stabilizes in Oct but remains large
Uzbekistan: CPI increased by 9.0 percent YoY in Oct
Uzbekistan: Government raised electricity prices for households from Nov 1
Uzbekistan: GDP grew by 5.8 percent YoY so far in the year
Uzbekistan: Government adopts 2024 budget with 4 percent of GDP deficit
Tajikistan: Economic momentum is still very strong, with GDP growing at 8.3 percent so far in the year
Tajikistan: Inflation increased by 4.4 percent YoY in Oct
Tajikistan: Government passes 2024 budget with a 0.8 percent of GDP deficit

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