RC, ADN and PSC share majority in CAL and Commissions

ECUADOR - In Brief 20 Nov 2023 by Magdalena Barreiro

The government achieved what it was looking for with the political alliance that took place last week within the Assembly—control over the two main committees that decide the fate of the economically urgent bills that Noboa intends to make the axis of his government. They obtained four out of the nine seats on the Economic and Tax Regime Commission, and four seats on the Economic and Productive Development Commission. On the other hand, Revolucion Ciudadana holds the majority in the Fiscalization and Political Control Committee and in the Citizens Participation and Social Control. With these majorities, they could just overstep the promise from Noboa that his government and his political party will not allow impunity or judicial manipulation of corruption cases in hands of the Fiscal Attorney against important members of Correa's government—including Correa himself. For its part, Construye must own its poor political management during the political agreement process, and as unhappy as they might be, they only have significant participation in committees that for this year and a half will prove irrelevant. Henry Kronfle (PSC) was elected Assembly President, as expected, and Revolucion Ciudana and ADN, PSC and RC have a majority in the Administrative Council. There is one pending nomination that will correspond to Construye, but it has not yet been decided. We are attaching an Excel document with the complete participation and distribution by political party for each committee. Ecuador Assembly Committee Distribution

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