Russian PM in China

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 24 May 2023 by Alex Teddy

Mikhail Mishustin spoke in Beijing when meeting his Chinese analogue. He said that relations with China are closer than ever and this would help Russia to resist unprecedented economic pressure. China maintains it is neutral over the Ukraine conflict.  Mishustin went to a business forum in Shanghai on May 22. He is the most senior Russian to visit China since the war began. He denounced Western sanctions. China has been Russia's main trading partner for several years. There was USD 190 billion of trade between them in 2022. China said this is set to increase 40% YoY. Russia said that energy sales to China would grow 40% in 2023. Ministers signed agreements on commerce, sports and patents. Russia is due to increase millet sales to China. China and Russia both resent Western mastery. They want a new global order. 

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