Several Ukrainian ministers resign over corruption allegations

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 24 Jan 2023 by Alex Teddy

On January 24, 5 regional governors and 4 deputy ministers resigned. Ukraine has been dogged by corruption since independence. Western allies have allocated billions of USD in aid and want to be sure that it will not be stolen. They have demanded progress on anti-corruption in return for aid. The EU says that Ukraine must root out corruption if it is ever to join the EU. Western aid to Ukraine could total USD 100 billion in 2023. The deputy governors who resigned are those of Dnipopetrovsk, Sumy, Kyiv Region and Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. The deputy defense minister is among those who stood down. The deputy head of the presidential administration and the deputy prosecutor general have also resigned. The deputy defense minister is suspected of signing for double-overpriced food contracts in return for kickbacks. His ministry defended him from accusations but said he was leaving in order to preserve public confidence. Those who resigned wrote letters of resignation. These are mostly amicable. Zelensky said on January 23 that he was forbidding officials from leaving the country unless for work reasons. Ukraine is 122 out of 180 in the corruption index. 

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