The MP on PIS and Cofins continues to cause tension in Congress, the House may vote on the Mover bill, the Tax Reform Working Group will hold two hearings today

BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 11 Jun 2024 by Murillo de Aragão and Cristiano Noronha

As expected, the provisional measure (MP) on PIS and Cofins taxes published by the government last week continues to resonate in Congress and among impacted sectors. The PP, which is the president of the House Arthur Lira’s (PP-AL) party, filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Federal Court (STF) against MP 1227/2024, which limits the compensation of PIS/Cofins credits for companies. The House may vote today on the bill that regulates the Green Mobility and Innovation Program (Mover) and provides for a 20% import tax on international purchases of up to US$50. It is also worth mentioning that the Working Group on Tax Reform regulation in the House that analyzes PLP nº 68/24 (the IBS and CBS) will discuss specific issues in two hearings today.

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