Zelensky in Saudi

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 17 Jun 2024 by Alex Teddy

On June 13 he arrived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Zelensky met Mohammed Bin Salman or MBS as he is known. MBS is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and effectively rules this country because his father is incapacitated. The media had not been informed in advance. MBS and Zelensky discussed peace plans and exchanges of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia. Saudi Arabia vowed to donate humanitarian aid to Ukraine and to help Ukrainians who have fled abroad. Saudi Arabia is neutral on the Ukraine War. Putin visited the country in 2023. The Saudis have brokered some prisoner releases by Russia. Riyadh has offered to broker an end to the war. Saudi Arabia is the number one exporter of crude oil. Russia and Saudi Arabia often consult on oil production. Unlike Saudi Arabia, Russia is not a member of OPEC but it is in OPEC+.

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