GlobalSource Partners Country Analyst
Alexander Kudrin, Kazakhstan
Former Head of Research, Sberbank CIB

GlobalSource Partners’ Kazakhstan Country Analyst Alexander Kudrin is a specialist in Russia’s economy and financial markets and an authority on Kazakhstan’s financial markets and market dynamics. Based in Moscow, he is also a co-founder of the research firm GKEM Analytica, focused on macroeconomics and financial markets, and is a professor at Moscow’s National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE).

Mr. Kudrin was for many years the head of research at Sberbank’s investment banking arm, Sberbank CIB. While there, he was consistently ranked in industry surveys as Russia’s top fixed income analyst. He also focused on the fixed income markets of FSU countries, particularly Kazakhstan. Prior to Sberbank, he worked at Troika Dialog, at the think tank Vedi, and in commercial banks such as Dialog Bank and Vybor Bank. He is highly regarded for his knowledge of market dynamics, especially fixed income analytics. He holds a degree from Moscow State University in mechanics and mathematics, and a scientific degree in mathematics.