GlobalSource Partners Country Analyst
Jonathan Katz, Israel
Former Chief Economist, Finance Ministry Budget Department

GlobalSource Partner’s Israel Country Analyst Jonathan Katz is a leading authority on the country’s macroeconomics and financial markets. In a career spanning government and private sector service, he has achieved national stature as a source for macroeconomic and fiscal analysis, as well as analysis of the country’s fixed income markets.

Based in Tel Aviv, Mr. Katz authors a regular macroeconomic newsletter for institutional clients. He served for seven years as Chief Economist of the Budget Department at Israel’s Ministry of Finance, and after that, he established his own private macroeconomic forecasting firm, specializing in inflation forecasting, monetary policy and the bond market. He was for many years an economic consultant to the HSBC EMEA research team.

In addition to his work on inflation and monetary policy, his years at the Budget Department provided him with a thorough understanding of fiscal policy. He specializes in the analysis of overall government accounts and in the cost-benefit analysis of government departments.

Mr. Katz holds a Master's degree in Agricultural Economics from the Hebrew University.