GlobalSource Partners Country Analyst
Marcel Salikhov, Russia Energy / Finance
Director - Institute of Energy and Finance

GlobalSource Partners’ Russia Country Analyst Marcel Salikhov is a leading authority on the country’s macroeconomics, financial markets and energy sector. He is also currently the Director of Economic Research and Head of the Economic Department of the Institute for Energy and Finance, the well-respected think tank devoted to issues of development and modernization of the Russian economy.

In addition to his work on Russia’s macroeconomics, including economic diversification and regional development in the CIS, Dr. Salikhov has written extensively on Russia’s energy sector, especially on natural gas projects, the electricity market, power facilities and distribution channels. He is also an authority on finance and banking industry issues such as the evaluation and calculation of credit spreads for corporate borrowers and development of the industry in various CIS republics.

Dr. Salikhov has a Ph.D. in economics and a special degree in financial management from the National Research University of Electronic Technology in Moscow.