Juan Carlos Echeverry
Former President of Ecopetrol, Finance Minister
Andrés Escobar Arango
Former Deputy Finance Minister
Mauricio Santa Maria
Former President of ANIF, Planning Minister


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Recent Country Insights

Bad news everywhere
COLOMBIA · Report · 28 Jun 2024 · 2 responses

The nuts and bolts of the 2024 MTFF have little to do with the much-required process of fiscal consolidation. It turns out most of the negative rumors we’d been hearing were true. A root problem behind the mess was over-optimistic initial revenue estimates. The central government originally expec...

Fiscal rules, healthcare debacles and constitutional assemblies
COLOMBIA · Report · 31 May 2024 · 1 response

There has been so much news in Colombia, so much of it bad, that pinning down the most striking or damaging pieces poses a challenge. To start at the top: the most frequent theme of President Gustavo Petro’s many speeches seems to be his idea for convoking a constitutional assembly. That – which ...

Slide Presentation: Colombia - A turbulent year
COLOMBIA · Report · 17 May 2024 · 2 responses

Gain insight into the current challenges facing Colombia as we discuss the prospects for rate cuts, health care and pension reform, and the fiscal situation in our slide presentation "Colombia - A turbulent year".

On campaign financing limits and an eventual impeachment of the president
COLOMBIA · In Brief · 08 May 2024 · 2 responses

Norms regulating campaign financing are simple and strict in Colombia. On May 8th, the National Electoral Council (NEC) is considering a draft ruling indicating that, in the 2022 presidential elections, Gustavo Petro’s campaign surpassed the financing limits. We follow the analysis of the renowne...

15 minutes of fame for everyone
COLOMBIA · Report · 30 Apr 2024 · 1 response

The drastic reduction of Colombia’s external imbalance, in the last quarter of 2022 and all of 2023, was a most welcome development. For starters, monetary policy decisions are no longer facing the two-headed hydra of inflation plus excessive domestic demand. Furthermore, FDI is comfortably finan...

Power supply dangerously close to critical condition
COLOMBIA · In Brief · 18 Apr 2024 · 2 responses

The Electricity and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG) issues on a regular basis a reference daily path for the National Interconnected System reservoirs’ aggregate level. This path is considered to be the minimum required to guarantee that power supply meets demand; should the aggregate level fall...

Healthcare reform sunk in Congress, but reform drive continues at full steam
COLOMBIA · In Brief · 03 Apr 2024

In spite of resorting to all the tricks in the known universe, the government could not stop the sinking of the healthcare reform in Congress, after 8 Senators in the 7th Committee presented a motion to sink it two weeks ago (Ponencia de Arichivo). After many days and weeks in which the governmen...

Parade or charade?
COLOMBIA · Report · 22 Mar 2024 · 1 response

There were many reactions to President Gustavo Petro’s idea of convening a Constitutional Assembly. Possibly the most synthesizing one came from constitutional lawyer Juan Manuel Charry, who wrote that Petro doesn’t know whether his role is to subvert the institutional order or to govern (“no sab...

Finally, the C-word
COLOMBIA · In Brief · 18 Mar 2024 · 1 response

On Friday, March 15, in a speech aimed to invigorate his supporters, out of the blue, President Petro came out with a proposal everyone feared since he ran for president; namely, aiming to change the constitution via a Constitutional Assembly (CA). He finally recurred to the C-word. In his own wo...

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