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No agreement was reached on payroll tax relief in the Senate, Lula’s statement yesterday worried the market regarding commitment to the fiscal framework, and the CCJ may vote on the Central Bank PEC
BRAZIL POLITICS · Report · 17 Jul 2024

As expected, no agreement was reached on the compensatory measures for payroll tax relief. Consequently, the vote on the bill was postponed until August 30. According to Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), the idea is to refine the details of this issue by then. Yesterday, Lula said, “You ...

The government insists on a tax increase for companies, the Senate may vote on the payroll tax compensations bill, and a leaked audio recording worsens Bolsonaro’s legal situation
BRAZIL POLITICS · Report · 16 Jul 2024

Yesterday, after a meeting between President Lula, ministers, and government leaders in Congress, it was decided that the government will insist on an increase of up to 1% in the CSLL for companies. According to the Minister of Institutional Relations, the measure is on the table. The compensatio...

Tax Reform in the Senate and other weekly topics
BRAZIL POLITICS · Report · 15 Jul 2024

This is the last week of legislative activity in Congress before the recess. The House has not scheduled a deliberative session. In the Senate, the focus is on payroll tax relief and compensatory measures. In August, there will be two weeks of concentrated voting effort in both Houses of Congress...

This is the last week of activity in Congress before the recess, negotiations on payroll tax relief continue in the Senate, and the House will hold three weeks of concentrated voting efforts before the municipal elections
BRAZIL POLITICS · Report · 15 Jul 2024

This is the last week of legislative activity in Congress before the recess. Negotiations continue in the Federal Senate regarding compensatory measures for payroll tax relief for companies and municipalities. The rapporteur of the payroll tax relief bill, Jaques Wagner (PT-BA), says there may be...

The House approved the bill on the production of green hydrogen, Senator Braga will be the rapporteur for the Tax Reform bill approved in the House, and the Senate will focus on payroll tax relief next week
BRAZIL POLITICS · Report · 12 Jul 2024

Yesterday, the House approved Bill 2308/23, which regulates the production of hydrogen that is considered low carbon (green hydrogen), instituting voluntary certification and federal tax incentives. The text now goes to the President to sanction. Regarding Tax Reform, the rapporteur in the Senate...

The House approved the Tax Reform regulation bill on consumption, the second Tax Reform bill will be put to a vote after the recess, and the payroll tax exemption issue continues
BRAZIL POLITICS · Report · 11 Jul 2024

The House concluded the voting on PLP 68/24, regarding the regulation of Tax Reform. This is an important victory for the president of the House, Arthur Lira (PP-AL). The second Tax Reform regulation bill, which deals with the Managing Committee, was left for the second semester. The vote is sche...

The House attempts to vote on the Tax Reform regulation on consumption, Pacheco presented the bill on state debt, and the Senate votes on the payroll tax relief bill
BRAZIL POLITICS · Report · 10 Jul 2024

The House will attempt to vote today on the bill that regulates the Tax Reform on consumption, PLP 68/24. Yesterday, its urgent status was approved. To approve the merits of the bill, 257 votes are required. Yesterday, Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) presented the bill that will address...

The House Working Group on the Tax Reform Management Committee presented its report yesterday, Padilha said the focus this week will be negotiations on consumption taxes, and gas prices increase today
BRAZIL POLITICS · Report · 09 Jul 2024

The House Working Group, which discusses the second bill on Tax Reform regulation regarding the Management Committee, presented its report yesterday. Federal Deputy Mauro Benevides Filho (PDT-CE) was chosen as the general rapporteur for this bill. Yesterday, the Minister of Institutional Relation...

Fernando Haddad defends the fiscal anchor and other weekly topics
BRAZIL POLITICS · Report · 08 Jul 2024

This week, the president of the House, Arthur Lira, will try to facilitate the approval of the so-called "consumption reform" (Complementary Bill No. 68/24). In the Senate, the agenda continues to focus on payroll tax reduction. The priority for Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco is the bill that a...

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